Monday, April 7, 2014

Press Release: "A Note of Thanks" from the Sunbeamers

I'm pleased to report that at the close of the First Annual RFL Sunbeamer Air Show at Farshore Field the event brought in L$13,073 bringing the group total to an even L$38,000! There was a lot more people to come visit us than I had thought would. I thank each and everyone who gave a hand and time to make this so successful. As I was ending the show an RFL coach named  KJ stopped in to check on it. He informed me that this air show was being talked about in other events in a good and excited manner. I’m looking forward to next year which is sure to be even better since now we have the basic gear and items made and saved. This will allow us to work on new things and finish up the unfinished. I do not consider that we are through with events for this year as there is still time for another. So keep checking notices, RFL website events page, and the trusty Newser for more to come.

 My Thanks
 Cynthia Farshore

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  1. It was a fun show. Very well origanized. I had a lot of fun visiting and taking photos for the RFL flickr page