Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Greenies Tribute at LEA

What a thrill! For those who knew and loved the Greenies in Second Life, you will get a kick out of this installation in LEA for sure! For those who do not, a short history. The Rezzable 3D set it up for a band of aliens to invade the Second life sims and move into a home here . The home was huge in size and the tiny  Greenies lived behind hidden doors and walls and in the furniture.  Exploring the house and their doings was so much fun. There was even 7seas fishing in the kitchen sink. 
After a few years the home was closed in 2010 and the Greenies disappeared back into space, leaving many sad people around the sims. Many of us have Greenie avatars that we pull out once in a while for an event. 
Now, there is a re-creation , a tribute, to the Greenies home in LEA 23. It is massive in size and you can rezz a bike there to roam the areas. One inhabitant I did not see was the cat. I will have to look again.  Don’t miss any  nooks and cranies where the greenies hide. When no human is in the house, of course, they roam at will, setting up games, watching tv, using the computer and more. I looked in the kitchen sink and had nostalgia for a fishing tournament. 
There is a machinima in the box outside the house that shows you the greenies and if  you want to see more  take a look here in a machinima by papillonxxxx from 2010.  . 
To visit the tribute house  begin here .
Gemma Cleanslate

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  1. I must go and see the Greenies, Gemma, instead of trying to transform my house.
    Maybe I get some ideas...