Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Press Release: RFL Sunbeamer Team to Hold Skunk Party at Club Zero Gravity

On Thursday April 3rd at 6PM SL time, The Relay for Life's Sunbeamer team will be holding it's first event in Second Life at Club Zero Gravity. For the second year in a row, "Stinky the skunk" and "skunkings" have been a part of they Relay in SL ( And so in honor of the Relay's new mascot, we're holding a skunk party. This is for all of you stinkers out there with a skunk as their main avatar, or have one in your inventory that you wear on occasion.

So come on over and give a black and white tailed salute to the Relay, as well as donating to the Sunbeamer's fundraiser for the American Cancer Society.

6-8PM, Purrfection Estates (232, 35, 3340)

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