Thursday, April 10, 2014

Press Release: Brendan Shoreland's Upcoming 1,000th Second Life Live Music Performance

The Drunken Drow in Elvenshire is scheduled to host Brendan’s 1,000th performance at 10.00 am PDT on Saturday 3rd May 2014.

Folk musician and singer/songwriter Brendan Shoreland has delivered live music performances in Second Life since November 2006 (when he was known as Washburn D12N Davies). Now he approaches his 1,000th performance, which is scheduled to take place at The Drunken Drow from 10.00 am PDT on Saturday 3rd May.

Brendan said, “I’m delighted that it will be at The Drunken Drow. Raredread Nightfire, the owner of the venue, has supported me throughout my Second Life music career and has watched me grow and flourish as a musician.”

When asked how he knew that it would be his 1,000th performance, he replied, “From the first performance it felt like the professional thing to do; to keep careful track of where and when I performed. I developed a spreadsheet on which I keep all the records and it has proved to be a valuable management tool.”

On the subject of his music, Brendan commented, “I was schooled in the folk music world, where you’re expected to deliver a quality performance with the minimum of technology, fuss or ego. I’ve never created or used a backing track and I utilise a mixer that doesn’t even have a reverb unit! I want to tell a story, simply and well. For me, that’s what each and every song is about.”

Additional information
Brendan Shoreland’s human is called David Walton and lives in Plymouth, England. His email address is

Brendan’s music can be heard at
and at

He has also created a web site at which features a full playlist and a current schedule of forthcoming.

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