Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Sneak Peek: Land of the Giants

Yours truly has been exploring a little, and not yet finished with other articles came across one worth exploring: "Land of the Giants," at the Random sim along with the Demo Derby owned by the people at "Creations for Parkinsons."

So until I get to writing about the place, here's a link for you to see for yourselves.

Random (125, 248, 4000)

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  1. remember it is a G rated region, everyone is welcome and there are many many many interactive things to do. the sl kids have their rooms hidden in the Giant's house and worth exploring, must do is the canoe ride from the Giant''s kids play room, and go inside the tv at the Billards room. Rob the safe, swing in the bird cage, take a carrage ride, bowl, play bumper ball, and much more .