Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Breaking News: Linden Lab To Throw Out Last Names Entirely, Will Merge Names in Longtime Accounts

*Update - April Fools*

Yesterday on March 31st, Linden Lab announced a change in it's policy of avatar names. Not only was the option for last names on accounts closed to new residents, but longtime users will be loosing it as well. Over the next few weeks, older residents will find that their two names have been merged into a single account name.

A spokesman for Linden Lab stated, "After we changed the way new accounts were named, we began getting complaints about older users shunning newer ones because of the lack of a last name. A few sims even banned them out of a mistaken belief that all single-named users were accounts created for the purpose of griefing. Ending this sort of behavior was one reason we decided to further change the way accounts are named."

On the issue of the reactions of residents, "They can set their display name to the old name of their account if they want to. While we anticipate some will have some minor issues, they'll get used to it."

Details are still coming in on what is certain to be a controversial move by Linden Lab

For the official statement by Linden Lab: Click Here.


  1. Jase Byrne here. They'll get used to it.

    I guess I'll have to. I know I'm not in game as much. But I like having my name. It gives us oldbies a little bit of street cred. It's my history.

    Then again..I remember when the primitive selection was just 5 basic prims. None of those dang new fangled torus thingies no sir. We had to TORTURE our prims to get em where we wanted and by gorry we LIKED it that way.

    Sad to see yet another bit of SL history go...

  2. *facepalms* Not fair..I'm on codiene cough syrup. Peace and brownies!!