Thursday, March 19, 2015

Press Release: RFL "March Madness"

Cherubs for a Cure is hosting a March Madness RFL style.  Only our version of of the "game" is to try and have all teams achieve bronze status by the BIG game day of April 6!

 Our first game day will be March 21st from 12 to 10 pm SL time.  The venue is a basketball gym ( A nod to the real March madness) and we will be keeping this venue set up, and other event days to help us reach our goal of all teams ranked until at least bronze.

As the hosting team we will contact the top teams nearest the goal of bronze and let them know when and what our event is and they must be here with us at the event.  Any team that reaches bronze and chooses to leaves during the day is "eliminated" and must also remove their kiosk.This event really is a One Team One Goal event because in the end all money raised goes to the exact same place, so it is our hopes that they will choose to stay and help another team also reach bronze.

It is our hope that are first day at this is a success and that other top ranking teams might decide to join in the game and see if we can reach our goal of all teams ranked.

Gabriel and Misti's Home, Ohana Mau Loa (180, 204, 23)

Because this an event in a gym feel free to sport your fave team outfit, referee shirt or even Cheerleader outfit!!!!!

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