Saturday, March 21, 2015

Press Release: Grand Reopening ofthe Primal Passions Club

The Primal Passions Club has moved from it's former location to the Sunweaver Estates. "And we're going to have a huge grand reopening on (Saturday) the 28th," Rayven Tentigo (rayven.avalira) told the Newser. They'll be kicking things off with the main event being a "Disturbed" tribute concert (the band name).

Bandit Starrwolf (banditwolf100) added, "We are planning a pre-concert party and contest from 6-8, a rock concert by Disturbed from 8-10 and a post concert party and contest from 10-12. The concert will be done by Rockshoppe. The pre-party contest theme will be best in Hard Rock gear. The post-contest will be best in BDSM gear. with starting prizes at 500L but will increase with more patrons entering the contest."

Rayven also stated there are plans for a date raffle, with her for the men and Bandit for the ladies. Rayven stated she can appear on the date either as normal human or her indigo-toned exotic.

Primal Passions is located at Sunweaver Bay (170, 215, 25).

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