Saturday, March 7, 2015

SL Video: "Godzilla Eats Las Vegas - Part 2"

(Click Here if the video does not play properly)

From Chantal Harvey and Lorin Tone, continued from Part 1 (link), "Composed and Conducted by Eric Whitacre

Commissioned by Thomas G. Leslie
Manager: Claire Long...Thank you, Claire!

Narrator: Lauren Weyland

Produced and Directed by Lorin Tone and Chantal Harvey
Machinima by Chantal Harvey
Second Life Adaptation by Lorin Tone

Sets, Props and Avatars: Madcow Cosmos, Marcus Parrott, Ledje Gorky, Cailin Mistwalker, Xon Halostar, Xoph Adamczyk, Colin Nilsson, SweetDevil Magi, Razgriz Makarov, Meijui Tokyoska, Arms Dealer : Catten Carter, Desert: Fruit Islands, Lorin Tone

With special thanks to: paramparamm Papp

Crew/Actors: Atrebor Zenovka, PetLove PetShop, Nash LaVille, DMom2k Darwin, Judi Newall, LadySlipper Constantine, Taralyn Gravois, Fox Obviate, SkydiverJimbo Fall, SkydiverPeni Fall, Honour McMillan, Eisie Etchegaray, Xon Halostar, marleeoneal Resident, Marianne McCann, Pygar Bu, Eisi Etchegarray

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