Monday, March 16, 2015

This Weekend at the Relay

The Relay for Life is underway! There are so many events we are being pulled in all directions. Saturday afternoon I donned a  1920‘s flapper dress to attend an elegant affair at the Chicago Fiume Jazz and Blues Club. The Tribute City Relayers sponsored the event where Henri Mckeenan entertained with music of Billie Holiday, Scott Joplin, Lional Hampton and other vintage jazz. 

It was like a fashion show from the era. Everyone was wearing lovely outfits, jewels, boas. All proceeds from a raffle for gift cards was destined for the Relay. It was great fun! The team had reached the 300,000 L point when I left.

I made my way over to Relay dAlliez Celebrate where Rajun Cajun was entertaining a large group with tunes while Pyrie Catoria (Catalina Staheli) was busy taking pictures for The "Why I Relay" project. The line up of people waiting was so long, Leala Spire stepped in to make a list and organize the waiters. 

You can find the pictures and comments at the center at American Cancer Society Island. Pyrie has been working on this for weeks, taking pictures and verbal expressions of why they are relaying. Busy day. 

There were more events but I ran out of time. There will be more! 

Gemma Cleanslate

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