Thursday, March 5, 2015

Relay for Life: Team Sunbeamer Brainstorming Meeting

The first meeting of Relay for Life Team Sunbeamer. Clockwise from the far left are team captain Rita Mariner, assistant captain Dusk Griswold, Jenni Greenfield, Skylark Lefavre (who took the notes), Kiwi, Cynthia Farshore, Shockwave Yareach, and Bixyl Shuftan (myself).

We discussed a number of possible ideas for getting our team Gold rank again, and hopefully beyond. Some suggestions were limited edition build items, "Bid Me X" events, air shows, car and motorbike races, an auction for an advertorial for the Newser, and others.

Stay tuned for announcements of Team Sunbeamer events for the Relay for Life.

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