Tuesday, March 3, 2015

SL Video: "The Drax Files: World Makers [Episode 27 - Nylon Pinkney] "

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From Draxtor Despress, "'I just like making things and see how other people enjoy them!' summarizes virtual entrepreneur Nylon Pinkney her enthusiasm about her work in Second Life. Over 10 years now she has been shaping SL culture through her unique art and products: not only clothing and wacky accessories like the wiggling wedding cake are on offer, Nylon has also dabbled in Machinima as well as offering custom SL/RL portraits. Prominent fans such as US comedian Drew Carey frequently profess their admiration for her on social media sites, but Nylon Pinkney does not see herself as a celebrity.

"'When I discovered Second Life in my early twenties what got me hooked was the fact that I can be my own boss, that I can be authentic and when people actually started to buy my stuff - which is so different than the usual Barbie & Ken type products at the time - it felt really good!' And in response to the negative perception of a virtual 'anything goes' universe in some quarters Nylon takes a common sense approach: 'Flickr can be pretty weird if you look for that stuff, but it also has beautiful art. Same is true for Second Life: where ever you want to go!' "

"This video was shot entirely on Tableau in Second Life. Special thanks to Marianne McCann for managing extra actors on the ground & big thanks to all the background talent who showed up on time and so patiently followed my tedious directions. You know who you are: an integral part of the team!"

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