Monday, March 9, 2015

American Cancer Society Island

 The Second Life Relay for Life kicked off the season Sunday the 8th  as you know. I took a trip over to the American Cancer Society Island to see how it looked this year. It is spectacular . The main building is lovely with the surrounding area restful  with fountains, gazebos, natural areas filled with spring trees, shrubs and flowers. In the main building there is all you ever needed to know about the Relay in Second Life , and in Real Life too. There is a viewer on the wall with pictures of avatars and why they relay. The history of the Second Life Relay is there , year by year with scenes from the events from each. There is a chart of overall structure of the Relay for Life SL Committee, who is in charge of what that is very helpful. Upstairs there is an area where you can learn about the full mission of the Relay around the entire globe. Although the Relay is all for the benefit of the American Cancer Society its results extends around the world in its scope. 

There are graphs explaining so much about the reasons to relay. On the wall there are resources for  information on almost any aspect of cancer that you can imagine. On the upper floor there is a meeting area for volunteers. Outside the building there is an events calendar. Across the way is a building that is  our making strides against breast cancer and International building. It will be filled this month so you can visit and see the far reaching implications. 

The Hope Haven building is inviting with art on the walls, and an offer of support . Pick up the notecard outside the door. It says in one section, “'A cancer survivor is anyone living with a history of cancer, from the moment of diagnosis through the remainder of life. If you have lived one day with cancer, you are a survivor.”

I have been involved to an extent in the Relay in past years. But now I am a survivor too and will be more involved.  I highly recommend a visit to the island . It is an education and a solace  not only to survivors but caretakers , family and friends. It is Hope and the Future is Now.

Gemma Cleanslate

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