Friday, April 6, 2018

Cynthia Farshore Now Running Caledon Downs

Cynthia Farshore, the owner of Farshore Radio, now has a new sim: Caledon Downs. Cynthia is no stranger to the large steampunk community, as she DJs there sometimes and a couple years ago got a store there with Shockwave Yareach, "Yareach and Farshore Mercantile." Now, she has a whole piece of the 28-sim area.

The sim itself has a large hill in the eastern half that overlooks the sims to the north and south. A railroad goes through the sim over the hill, and as of the writing of this brief, the one complete roofed building on the ground is the sim train station, located near the southern border. Close by the tracks in the north is an airship stop, for Caledon Air Transport dirigibles, which consists partially of a floating platform. To the west, the sim is more water, with a canoe ride available on a pier. There are two rope bridges spanning chasms.

While Cynthia has gotten a good start, much remains to be done. While I visited, she was working on a forested area. She feels it will be close to a year before her current plans for the sim are done. And knowing Cynthia, she won't truly be finished with the sim.

Caledon Downs (197/24/44)

Bixyl Shuftan

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