Tuesday, April 10, 2018

RFL Team Sunbeamers Off To Golden Start

The Sunbeamer Team didn't have any opening events during the Relay Kickoff. But since the close of the last season, the team has been putting a few Lindens aside every month. And when the kiosk was placed, over 200,000 Lindens were placed in it. As of the writing of this brief, the total was 213,205 Linden dollars.

Relay fundraising ranks are lower this year than last year's, when it took 562,000 Lindens to reach Platinum level. Our cash on hand was more than enough for the 125,000 Lindens ($500 USD), it takes for this year's Gold level. So we hit Gold on day one, and are well on our way to Platinum rank, which this year is 250,000 Lindens ($1000 USD). The team hopes to reach Jade rank, which it has never done. But this year at 375.000 Lindens ($1500 USD), it's a difficult goal, but we can do it.

So what's our secret weapon? Well, if we told you, it wouldn't be a secret. But we'll unleash it when we're ready. Stay tuned for details.

Go Sunbeamers! Go Relay!

Bixyl Shuftan


  1. Congrats but how come the total on the RFL website is $0 for the Sunbeamers? That's a lot of money to not get team credit for.
    Is someone else collecting the kiosk money and then just not posting the team totals but making it all go to their account?

  2. Apparently they're still working on it.