Monday, April 30, 2018

"Bid Me Pantsless" And Other Sunbeamer Bid Me Fundraisers

With the Relay season in full swing, it's time for the "Bid Me" events again. The Relay Rockers have had great success with their "Bid Me Bald" fundraisers. For the Sunbeamers, we usually do something a little different. This week, three of the team are putting themselves on the line with three different "Bid Me"s. Sunweaver Chieftess Rita Mariner has "Bid Me To The Dogs." Liska Fuchs will be doing "Bid Me Goat." And Bixyl Shuftan, myself, will be doing "Bid Me Pantsless."

"Bid Me Pantsless" was inspired by a running joke between me and one particular Sunbeamer. In this one, I'm putting my trousers on the line. Should enough cash be raised, for a week or so depending on the amount I can wear a toga, kilt, robe, or similar garment, or go about in a tiny or micro avie which are too small for my clothes. I just can't wear any pants. The exception to this rule is when doing an interview or other Newser work.

The minimum for me to drop my pants ... , um, maybe I should rephrase that, go pantsless, is 5000 Linden dollars. For each additional 5000 Lindens, another week is added to the time I'll be feeling drafty (14,999 Lindens means 2 weeks, 15K means three). And the amount in the "pantsless" kiosk has to be greater than the "pants" kiosk. So those wanting to help me out can still help me keep my trousers.

Liska Fuchs is almost never seen without her red vixen avatar. That will change should 5000 Lindens be raised in her "Bid Me Goat" fundraiser. Each additional 5000 Lindens, rounded up, means another week of tin-can dinner jokes. The one out, like the "Bid Me Pantsless," is the "Keep Liska Foxy" kiosk. As those familiar with the Sunweavers know, we already have a resident goat: Cynthia Farshore. So the event has sometimes been called "Bid Me Cynthia's sister. There may be one additional catch other than having a shorter tail and cloven hooves for feet. Cynthia is one of the hardest working Sunweavers. So Liska might end up being expected to bust her behind for a week or two.

The inspiration for Rita's "Bid Me" comes from a 1990's cartoon, "Road Rovers." With an avatar of the character "Colleen," Rita is offering to wear it for a week or longer in "Bid Me to the Dogs." Like the other two events, 5000 Lindens means Rita will be wearing the avatar for a week with each additional 5000 Lindens, rounded up, resulting in an additional week. And like the others, there will be another kiosk where people can bid to keep the "boss bunny" as she is.

The kiosks are in the back room of Club Cutlass, at Sunweaver Bay (114/117/757), and will be up until 8PM Friday following the close of the party that night. The results will be tallied and made final.

As of now, the Sunbeamers are well into Platinum level, having reached it a week and a half ago. As of the writing of this article, they have raised over 264,000 Linden dollars, and are expected to hit Jade level sometime this season. This is a level they have never reached before. With these three "Bid Me" events, the team hopes to be significantly closer to it.

So for a little bit of fun, come on over and bid us pantsless, nannygoat and doggie.

Go Sunbeamers! Go Relay!

Bixyl Shuftan

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