Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Madpea's Egg Hunt: Last Day Tomorrow

For those who haven't had quite enough of Easter, there's another egg hunt going on. This one is by Madpea Games, and is going on until tomorrow. To take part, head to Neogene (133/185/1502). There's a 100L fee to get the Heads Up Display and basket, which you add/attach to your avatar (wearing may knock off a part of you). You then use the radar on the HUD to find the eggs. There are three in the sim you start out in. The nearest one is out in the open. A second is in a building. The third is also in a building, but hidden so that finding it takes some panning around.

Once you've found all the eggs in a sim, just press the "?" symbol on your HUD, on the pink egg. You'll then be teleported to another sim to find more. Different eggs are worth different amounts of points, from 10 to 50. Get enough points, and you can exchange them for prizes. And of course, there are an "eggstravagant" number of egg puns.

Madpea has a history of making games inworld for residents to play, in the past few years charging a fee for a number of them. Among those in the past include Unia, Buried, and Virtual Medical Doctor.

The final day of the Madpea Egg Hunt is tomorrow, with one more day to exchange points for prizes. For more information, check the Madpea blog.

Bixyl Shuftan

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