Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Linden Lab Announces Fourth Annual Music Fest, Auditions for, in June

Although Linden Lab hasn't been involved with the Second Life Birthday event since 2011, in recent years it has been increasingly involved with helping to celebrate the virtual world's anniversary. In 2015, they announced and then held their first "Music Fest" event, taking place at the same time as the Second Life Birthday. At first, these events were held separately from the SLB grounds. But later have been held there as part of the mega-event. On Monday, Xiola Linden announced the Fourth Annual Music Fest would be taking place this June, and that early in the month there would be auditions for musicians interested in playing.

This June, Second Life turns 15 and we’re planning some fun ways to honor this long-standing community and invite some of the rest of the world to come check out what makes us so special! Stay tuned to this blog for more details about events to come and read on to find out about the first of many - our annual Music Fest - sponsored by Linden Lab.

In recent years we’ve taken the popular idea of music festivals and brought them into the virtual world - all the music, merriment, and good times without the sunburn. This year will mark the 4th annual Music Fest in celebration of Second Life - and we can’t wait to get grooving.

Since we started Music Fest in Second Life, we’ve held an audition showcase to highlight some of the musical talent in the Second Life community. Many of you have been performing for years in virtual venues all over the grid, and we’d love to have you come showcase your talent at the tryouts for this summer Music Fest. All genres are welcome! From bands to solo acts, rock and roll to electronica - we encourage anyone to sign up for consideration. The Second Life Music Fest is an opportunity to perform at one of the biggest celebrations in Second Life, and it’s a paid gig!

Unlike the performers volunteering for the main Second Life Birthday event, Linden Lab promises to pay the musicians in it's event a little cash. Those trying out for auditions need to fill out a form online (link here). Musicians are requested to define their type of music, and while not required are requested to provide links of any music they have online.

The audition times are Friday June 1 at 12 Noon to 2PM, and Saturday June 2 from 6 to 8PM SL time.

To read the blog post in full, Click Here.

Bixyl Shuftan

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