Saturday, April 21, 2018

Reader Submitted: "The Three Amigos" in Tera?

From Malya Violetsong (DaughterOfArboria Resident). She talked me into playing the MMO Terra a bit, so I decided on the name "Gaskyl" for my character while she had one, Kacina. Going along, we came across one with a name very similar to my Second Life name, "Bix?! You has a twin?! 'Bixano'?!" She would send me this picture

Los Dos Amigos y Una Amiga?!
Gaskyl (Bixyl) the Ferret, Bixano the Puss in Boots, and Kacina the sideways horse rider?!

The guy was Away From Keyboard, so no telling where the name came from. Maybe he was a reader of the Newser who was giving Tera a try as well.

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