Thursday, July 5, 2018

Brandi Streusel Leaves Second Life, For Now

For several years, Brandi Streusel has been a presence in the Sunweaver community. Early on, she was painting motorcycles. But her work soon caught on for her line of clothing, notably her undergarments, which became known as "Brandi's Panties." She became a close friend to Nydia Tungsten, and eventually the two partnered. Brandi would help manage some of the Angel sims, and help with many of her videos.

Sadly, the Sunweavers will have to do without their beloved mousegirl. Yesterday, on July 4, Nydia announced Brandi had left Second Life.

Brandi Is Taking A Break

Due to certain circumstances, Brandi has left SL for an indefinite period, and I hope she can feel comfortable coming back soon. 

It is hoped that Brandi will soon be coming back to the virtual world, and the community where she has many friends and admirers.

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