Monday, July 23, 2018

Announcement: No RFL Castle Home and Garden This Year, Postponed to 2019

Dear Relayers and CHGers,

We have faced a lot in the last four years. We have raised so much money, that every drop of sweat spent on the Castle Home and Garden contest was 110% worth it. Your builds, your designs and your support has been amazing.

We face several challenges this season, including Henrietta’s passing and Rowena being computer-less and hospital bound for a good amount of time. We are also without a website as Hilshire was owner of it and it poofed (Hilshire passed away as well). 

We have been told we can “scale down” the contest a bit along with other suggestions, but we are not going to scale down anything. With that being said, in order for the CHG to be as successful as it deserves to be, the Castle Home and Garden contest will be postponed to the 2019 season. The current sign ups and builds will remain as they are- if you are building, please don’t be discouraged- see this as just more time to perfect your build. 

2019 will bring us the 5th annual CHG... bigger and better than ever. Henrietta would kill us if we canceled so it is just a postponement for a little while longer.

Please excuse Rowena’s absence this year. He will be back better than ever ready to go for the Christmas Expo and, of course; the 2019 Relay season- which will bring us the 5th Annual CHG. 

Thank you for your understanding and patience.

-Sidonie and Rowena, CHG Chairs

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