Monday, July 23, 2018

News in Brief

There's been a lot going on in Second Life. So here's a list describing several happenings in brief.

Kim Kardashian has been using Second Life avatars as part of her promoting a new brand of her perfumes (article by Ozon).

It was announced that the The Garden of Absentia and Memorial in Garden of Absentia (135/155/22) would be closing on August 1.

Graine Macbain, the owner of Blue Curacao where The Riverside Café and Galleries and The Avian Retreat are announced her sim would be closing on August 2 (Fritter Enzyme's 2014 interview): Blue Curacao (54/52/21)

Andreas Jones' "Reflections of Darkness" opened at the National Museum of Caledon on Sunday July 22: Caledon II (164/52/23)

Team Shadow, The Cure Chasers, and Team ACTS jointly held their final event, a formal ball on Saturday July 21.

The Corsica International Air Show took place over the weekend, Saturday July 21 to Sunday July 22.

Jadyn Firehawk announced a schedule on which the different parts of the Yosemite sim would be closed (Gemma's article earlier this month about the closing).

There will be more information about most of these, and other, subjects when time permits.

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