Friday, July 27, 2018

Reader Submitted: An InWorldz Resident Speaks

I was informed of the closing when I logged in yesterday.  I normally get emails from InWorldz, but nope not on this.  So I was surprised by Sam Leader in my inbox the minute I logged in and no one seemed to know a thing about when things were closing.

 So everyone is scrounging to pull up stakes.  Someone said it was a sudden eviction and the only ones who really knew about anything were the inner click and they didn't start spilling anything until a few days ago I guess everyone was in the same boat logged in usual time yesterday and slammed with closing announcements.  Not nice.

There are a lot of disabled people and older people who play here.  That sort of sudden "get out" message is hard for someone not in great health to stay up for two days straight and download 8 years of their life....type of thing.

Then you have the creators that took a chance here like Pulse skins, Twisted Thorn Textures, Katy's Creations, Seda's Creations, Seer's FP, and the rest.  If they didn't keep .xml's on the hard drive then it is come in and delete their whole inventory so they do not get ripped off by the back up of servers.  type of thing.

We all felt so safe here because of dcma's being taken serious....griefers were handled.  How do we know they won't just take what we all leave to this new as their own property?  This is teaching all of us how flimsy our hold is on our creations in truth.  If some grid like Second Life closed, how do we prove the inventory and assets are not theirs?  The best I can do personally is just let what I do not get out go and wish for the best....I will make more new things in the future....just sort of sad if I run across one of my builds in another grid by someone else.  I had that happen in SL before.  I didn't understand permissions when I started and had a whole set of clothing packs ended up in the free bie areas.  It was sad all the hours I spent on them to have them show up given away for free by someone else.  I learned (laughter).

This is teaching me also (grin), the do not sweat the small stuff and just have fun when I am in Virtual Worlds.

Zia Cruor (IW)/Zia Larnia (SL)

Zia Cruor of InWorldz is also Zia Larnia of Second Life, whom was the manager of the Grid Walkers Welcome Center in 2014.

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