Thursday, July 5, 2018

Press Release: Homes For Our Troops Fundrasing Results in June

Happy Independence day folks! And as a part of the celebration I am once again proud to announce that In the month of June 2018 we were successful in sending over $1200 to Homes For Our Troops. So we have now sent over $6600 in 2018 to HFOT. Our forefathers would be proud …. they and our current heroes sacrificed so much for the freedoms we enjoy. Let’s keep this trend going!

Once again this could only done with the help of some kind people in Second Life …and the family keeps growing. Special thanks go out to:
EastBayRay47, Resident LadySmack Gears, and Thomas Aker(Legion of Veterans International MC)
Curvslater Resident,XxCH3LLZxX and all the folks at Shadow Shore
BellaRose Restless, Midnight Cowboy and all the great folks at Midnight Cowboy
Russell65 Resident (Isolated Heights and Ironshore)
RGHangnLo Resident and all the folks and VIPs at Hangin's Hideout and
BellamyLeggett Resident (Kindred Sancuary)

And then there was another round of kind folks who conducted events to help:

Cayleen Linette (Cay's at Woodland Lake)
Bixyl Shuftan (Purrfection Estates) and

And as always …we would like to thank the performers and their managers who gave their time, effort and hearts to this cause. A big round of applause to:

Waya Snowpaw DJ
Neomaximus Brandenburg
QuadRadiX (Noma Falta, Maximillion Kleene, DennyMac and Sabian Inglewood)
Carol Greenwood (Dirval Greenwood Artists)
Nina Bing
Taj Nishi, Laurie Alexis and the Keys Management Group
Lyndon Heart
Maali Beck and
Savannah Rain and all the folks at Whispering Sands Promotions

And of course thank you Dahlea Milena and Gjackie Winkler for all your help at our monthly event at Veteran's Isle.

Thank you all for your continued support and kind help

Frets Nirvana

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