Sunday, July 1, 2018

Reader Submitted: Girls And Their Giant Melons on Tera's Beach

Malya Violetsong's reports on the MMO "Tera."

"Newsfox Malya here once again! The one and only president (and member) of the Bixyl Fan Club of TERA! Today I am investigating the beach and right away someone said to me "nice melons! Think I will squeeze the juice from one!" It was only after I knocked him out I realized he didn't mean mine, since apparently he wanted vitamin C and not a size C. ^^" Next, I built a sandcastle that would impress anyone other than Anakin Skywalker, since I guess it was too coarse a structure for his taste! Up next I played with the biggest water cannon on the beach! And splashed the local 'stud' with a solid 50 gallon shot to his groin! Unfortunately for him, ... it was a real wet one! Yes, it was silly. Anywho, this is Newsfox Malya, President of the Bixyl Fan Club of TERA (and vice-president of island spice!) signing off from the--hey!!! Don't touch my melons! That would make me a real beach, you bum!! D:< This segment was brought to you by TERA-Bull Sandy Wet Shorts, where sand in your buns would lead even DJ Snowy to laugh from the deep tickles wherever she sits! After all, even Ra-pun-zel couldn't escape that hairy situation...! No fairy tail characters got hair knots and no actual DJs ended up with a lifetime supply of sandpaper during the making of this advertisement, thank you!"

Malya Violetsong

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