Monday, July 16, 2018

Team Sunbeamers Reach Emerald

It was just a few days ago in which Rita Mariner, the captain of the Relay for Life's Sunbeamers, challenged the team to get them to Emerald rank fundraising status. And once again, the team pulled through. Late Saturday night, Rita announced that the team had crossed the 625,000 Linden dollar mark. And for the third time this season, the team achieved a level it never had before.

Thanks to generous donations from Cynthia, Royce and myself.  we are now Emerald.  I have gone GREEN for a month.  Sweet!

And of course, Rita lived up to her promise of changing to her appearance. So for a month, she'll be a glowing-green bunny avatar.

In the meantime, the Relay season goes on. The "Bid Me Buck" fundraiser is still going on. And there are several more days to enjoy the Relay track sims before they fade away. The Relay Wrap-Up, the final day of the Relay season, is scheduled for the last weekend of the month on Saturday July 28.

Bixyl Shuftan

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