Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Camping Sim Copacabana To Close

Another sim is closing. This is one that's been around only a few months, but apparently it quickly gained a following.

In early September, I heard about a new campground sim: Copacabana. The place was run by Pen and Jade Dragon, with help from Nick Munsch. It was throwing a party, and out of curiosity I dropped by. I had a nice fun time. There was music, laughing, and a mechanical bull going. Looking around, there were other activities, such as horseback riding with a rezzer that could give you a horse if you didn't have one, paintball, and more. Had there not been so much to write the following week, I would have mentioned the place in the paper. But the Enquirer did. So all seemed well.

Recently, Gemma Cleanslate told me about an announcement made by the campground. They were closing. They had underestimated what it would take to run the place, and had an additional, more important responsibility to take care of.

Yes, the rumors are true Copacabana is on it's last month of service.. Officially closing Nov. 1st.
To fill in some answers here is what's going on..

When i opened this sim, I honestly wasn't prepared, none of us were, for how successful it wouldbecome. In such a short amount of time our numbers climbed beyond our wildest dreams..the people we met, the adventures we took.. all so amazing.. but something even more magical then success came from this adventure.. Pen and i adopted not 1, but 4 children!! 

All because of this amazing sim, our lives were changed forever!!

At the end of the day though, time becomes an issues.. running a sim takes a lot of time..
and chasing 4 hooligans who got into the paint cans also takes a lot of time.. something had to give.. and even though I know many of your will be as sad as we are to see it go.. i just rather chase my little motley crew around right now..

Thank you to the Munsch family, and the many many campers who have come and gone..


till we meet again...

signing off ...


For more information, check out the sim website, or it's Facebook page.  For those whom are still want to visit the place, try to rent a week, or take part in it's activities before it closes, head to http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Serena%20Copacabana/30/30/22

Hat Tip: Gemma Cleanslate

Bixyl Shuftan

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