Friday, October 5, 2018

Announcement: Dates For Upcoming Election Campaign For CDS

Official Dates, Election of 30th RA and Chancellor

This is official notice of the relevant dates for the 30th Representative Assembly Election and Election of the Chancellor.

Dean of SC notifies citizens of key dates: Sept 30 (Forum posting and inworld group notice)

Qualification deadline to run for office : 12 noon SLT Oct 1 (census generated on this date by Sudane)
Qualification deadline for right to vote: 12 noon SLT Oct 11 (census generated on this date by Sudane)
Deadline for declaration to run for an office: 12 noon SLT Oct 31 (via notecard to the SC dean)

Dean posts official list of candidates: Nov 2 (Forum posting and inworld group notice)
Campaign officially starts: Nov 3
Polls open : 12 noon SLT Nov 10
Polls close: 12 noon SLT Nov 17

Dean of SC announces names of the new RA and chancellor when received (Forum posting and inworld group notice)
Inaugural RA Meeting (LRA selection) 24 Nov 2018

Qualification means that:
You own a parcel of land in the CDS and that land is held in your own name (not deeded to a group) and that your tier is not in arrears at the time a census is taken.

If you wish to stand for office and/or vote it is your responsibility to ensure that you meet the qualification requirements.

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