Thursday, October 4, 2018

Press Release: Art/Photo Contest: Trotsdale 7th and Luskwood 15th Birthday

Trotsdale is turning 7 and Luskwood is turning 15. Time sure does fly, doesn't it? Let's celebrate! Show off your love and what Trotsdale and/or Luskwood mean to you in this art/photography contest. Be thinking and looking, there are several chances to win in this one.

Theme: Celebrating Memories: What Trotsdale and Luskwood mean to me! 2018

1. One entry per avatar per sim represented(total of four entries).
2. Entrants may submit pictures of real-life artwork related to Trotsdale or Luskwood.
3. Entrants may submit screenshots and/or SL photographs.
All textures, photos, and notecards MUST be full perm.
4. All entries MUST be done via a full perm notecard dropped into the dropbox with the following information included in the card.
* A) Avatar Legacy name,
* B) Display name to announce if you win,
* C) The title you are giving your photo or art,
* D) Whether the piece is for Luskwood or for Trotsdale.
* E) Whether this is for Traditional/Digital Art or Screenshot/SL Photography division
5. Absolutely NOTHING explicit. Explicit submissions will be disqualified.

=Where to enter=
Dropbox easels will be available at the Trotsdale Square and Luskwood Social Platform.

Please have your submissions into one of the dropboxes by Midnight SLT, Monday Oct 15, 2018 to be picked up later that day.

The prize pool will be divided into four prizes equally as noted below.

1. Traditional/Digital Art
2. SL photo/screenshot

3. Traditional/Digital Art
4. SL photo/screenshot

=Prize Pool=
Starting Prize Pool is 2000L courtesy of Amehana ishtari and MechaEnigma.

Prize Pool is held by Midomaru Resident, an alt of Amehana Ishtari (Arashi) to keep the funds for this contest separated from the funds for the overlapping Halloween contest. Prize disbursement will be sent out via Midomaru Resident (display David Valnarius).

=Want to increase the Prize Pool?=
Send donations to the prize pool for this particular contest to Midomaru Resident or pay the contest sign to have the funds relayed.

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  1. It now also has a division open for written works as well.