Friday, October 26, 2018

Annoucement: Halloween Dance At The Goblin Cave

Come join the party On Oct. 27th from 6-8PM SLT for a Halloween Dance at the Goblin Cave.  The music will play across the whole sim of Caledon Downs so one can explore the sim and still be entertained.

Duchy Cynthia Farshore and Star cordially invites you to Caledon Downs and Star Estates, Tamrannoch for a sim and a quarter full of Halloween fun going on now. There are many, many horrors and hunts with prizes. Star Estates has a cube hunt and Duchy Cynthia has on Caledon Downs has a Pumpkin hunt with 5 little pumpkins to be hunted down for different prizes. One can even shoot spooks at a shooting gallery.  Lots to explore and see.

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