Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Sunweaver Akea Grommet Has Died

On the evening of Tuesday October 9, sad news hit the Sunweaver community. Longtime member Akea Grommet, had died following a five day stay in the hospital. His partner, Angel Scaraborough, gave the following announcement.

We have lost the Coon (Akea Grommet)

Akea was in the hospital from October 4th - October 9th.   He was starting to do better, just waiting for some further tests, when he passed away very suddenly this morning. Sunweavers was very important to Akea and I know many here cared for him so I wanted to let everyone know as soon as I could.   I am sorry that I don't have any other information.   I was going to call the hospital tomorrow to check on him and then received word today that he had passed this morning.

Akea has been a part of the Sunweaver community for most of it's history, since 2008 or 2009. As a DJ, he would perform at Club Cutlass, often dressed in theme for the event. There is one record of a song he sung, "Rocky Top Tennessee." For the past few years, he was seen less and had stopped DJing. But would still come on once in a while. I personally last saw him at the Happy Vixen some weeks ago at an event, in good spirits, and welcoming those he hadn't seen before.

As news of his passing spread, various Sunweavers, and some of his friends from Seal Cove dropped by Akea and Angel's house. People shared memories and talked about good times they had with him. Angel would put up a slide show of pictures.

"Thank you again everyone for coming," Angel told everyone, "I truly believe that Akea knows about and is touched by this gathering for him."

Rest in Peace.

Bixyl Shuftan


  1. he was a great raccoon, and one I was beginning to accept as a friend. He is missed greatly by this huscoon

  2. We were friends early in my SL career... drifted apart though and we stopped chatting. This comes as a surprise, and SL is poorer for the loss.

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