Friday, October 19, 2018

Eye on the Blog: Wishlist, Share Options in Marketplace

You see a cool item on Marketplace that you'd like to have, but you don't have the Lindens you need to get it. In the past, you'd write down the name on a piece of paper somewhere and hope you don't lose it. Now there's another option: Marketplace Wishlists. This was added in an update last week.

The "Add to Wishlist" option is in the lower right corner. To view your own wishlist, go to . You can also add an item to your favorites to show to others later. To get to your favorites page, head to : . You can also follow a certain merchant by adding them to your favorites on their store page, and return to the page quickly by going to your favorite stores page : . You can also "Like" an item for Facebook (this feature may not be brand new), and there's a button to quickly share the item on social media.

More on the Marketplace update here:

Hat Tip: Matoazma Kazyanenko

Bixyl Shuftan

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