Sunday, October 7, 2018

Eye On The Blog: Linden Lab Blocks "IM To Second Life" Android Client

On Friday, Oz Linden announced that the Android application "IM to Second Life" was being blocked. Oz cited "serious violations" to the privacy of users and account security.

Linden Lab has blocked the third party Android client “IM to Secondlife”; it may no longer be used to access Second Life. We did so due to serious violations of the Policy on Third Party Viewers relating to user account security and user privacy.

If you have ever used that viewer, Linden Lab strongly suggests that you secure your Second Life account, beginning with updating your password on the Second Life account page:

"IM to Second Life" as it's name implies is not a true viewer, but allows someone with a handheld device to access Second Life to just send and receive Instant Messages. Oz stated, "We may need to temporarily hold some accounts in connection with this incident." The reasons for this were not given.

It's rare that Linden Lab announces it's blocking a third-party client. It was September 2010 that Linden Lab announced it was blocking the Emerald Viewer.

Image source: Google Play

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