Wednesday, October 10, 2018

The Drax Files: World Makers "Episode 47: Mad World"

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From Draxtor Despress on October 8, "Halloween holds a special place in many people’s hearts. Dressing up in scary, funny and or weird ways [Drax once went trick/treating as Mitt Romney with a binder full of scantily clad Barbie dolls and was briefly detained by local police in California…] Even though it is a very American holiday, Kiana Writer from MadPea Games loved everything around Halloween when growing up in Finland. Especially the scary parts! She and her team brought her sensibilities and imagination into Second Life with a year-round celebration in form of a massive amusement park called 'MadWorld': lots of games, rides, role-play, special events and prices await the SL resident who dares to enter…. 'Halloween used to be much scarier when I grow up' she says, 'but we can relive these childhood memories in Second Life everyday!' Needless to say that everything that MadPea offers in MadWorld is completely custom built and scripted for Second Life and can be enjoyed as the chosen avatar embodiment. Case in point: Drax went ghost hunting - in the rain - with his beloved slider shoes…


"A very special thanks as always to our background actors and gracious sim owners / event organizers [including but not limited to BCreative Wilde, Gaius Tripsa, Quiggles78, Threshin Bartnett, Sangi Phaeton, Thalia Lupindo, Raceyy, LadyRose Writer, TheOnlyNoMad] and of course production designer, location and logistics wrangler Marianne McCann: can you spot her in this one? Hint: she looks quite pale in a couple of scenes …. "

 In this video the following sims were featured visited [pay them a visit this Halloween season and tell them Count Draxula sent you!] Madworld = The Well = Bay City = Twisted = Trick or Treat Lane = Everwinter = Skull Creek = Ripe = Malaika Park = Rose Garden = Cica Ghost = Bryn Oh = For more information about MadPea check out This episode contains carousel music from the historic Playland amusement park in San Francisco as well as from Disneyland’s “King Arthur” carousel. We also used a little bit of New Orleans jazz performed by the Jazz at Lincoln Center’s Jazz Academy.

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