Saturday, October 27, 2018

Burn2 "Man Burn" Today, A Look at "Lost in Space"

Today marks the high point of the Burn2 festival: the "Man Burn." It takes place at 10AM SL time and once more 4PM SL time. Tomorrow marks the last events, including the Temple Burn, which is also 10AM and 4PM. Besides these two, be sure to look for dances, DRUM, and other events. And of course, all of those exhibits.

The Man: Burning Man-Time Machine (151/109/24)

The Temple: Burning Man-Dont Panic (161/39/24)

One of the most fun exhibits that I came across was the "Lost in
Space" one. Made by Lillithslair (Lillith LoneRaven) and located at Electric Sheep (186/72/24), stepping inside, clicking in "Mission Control," one can take a trip to Earth orbit, or perhaps to the outer solar system, or maybe to a crystal world where you can take home a few samples for a souvenir.

Of course just going in space in regular clothes is not always a good idea. Click on "Space Suits" on the panel to get a suit that gives you some protection from hostile environments (protection against hard vacuum is limited with hands and other body parts unprotected). Clicking on "Space Ships" will give you a small ship that can get you about short distances, or perhaps a longer journey with some assistance. For the automated tour, turn off any AOs, walk inside the large metal tube, and sit on the poseball (after wearing a suit or getting in a mini-spaceship).

Bixyl Shuftan

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