Sunday, February 23, 2020

Announcement: EVENTS for Home and Garden Feb, 23rd, For Relay For Life

We are still relaying at Home and Garden - come on over - shop and be entertained

 Help us Give The Gift of Hope to someone you will never meet, in a country you may never visit, but who desperately needs it.  Your Gift will last a lifetime.

**11am SLT   Anemone Wing Walker - Live at H and G for RFL**
We are a wing walking performance and training team. Our group is not only intended for our team members, but also for all other wing walking performers and enthusiasts, to keep everyone informed about our activities and shows.
Our activities include performing shows, training of wing walkers and pilots, and we also provide personal wing walking experiences.

**12 NOON SLT  Rosy and the Funsters - Live at H and G For RFL**
Rosy sings live with her crazy group of funsters who are a wonderful band
we hope to bring fun and laughter!!!!!!

**2pm SLT  Prim Perfect Talk with Saffia Widdershins**
Show and Tell - Always Fun

**4pm SLT Release of Lanterns at H and G for RFL**

Nothing is more beautiful, and a wonderful time to reflect on those we have lost.  One person commented yesterday, " It is  like sending little prayers or kisses to heaven"  

**6pm Miha Shamen At H and G for RFL  - LIVE **

My name is Miha Shamen, I've been involved in music for many years, singing as Mihaere Shamen in sl since Jan 2009. I play guitar & piano badly, mostly I sing live. I sing many eclectic songs from my song list. Golden Oldies Blues Reggae Rock Ballroom and Country. I have the music for the majority of  venues, adding the technique to the Art Of Entertainment in my shows.

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