Sunday, February 16, 2020

Reader Submitted: The RFL Home and Garden Fireworks

Last night (Friday February 14) I went to check out the opening of the Home and Garden and Breedables expo for the SL Relay for Life at the HOPE 1 sim. My timing via a group chat invite was perfect as I arrived just before the fireworks show was to begin.

It Was a wonderful display, no lag at all, at least from my perspective, which I found wonderfully refreshing and I floated high in the sky and cammed around the display. The display was synchronized to the music stream, and for me the timing was spot on, making for a wonderful performance.  The smoke clouds in the shape of the RFL Logo was a nice touch as well.

I tip my hat to those involved in putting that spectacular display together. If this was any indication of things to come, then he 2020 Relay For Life season is gonna be superb! I look forward to relaying with you all!

Game on!

~Matt Carlton~

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