Thursday, February 13, 2020

Press Release: Second Life Home And Garden Expo Opens Today, Noon SLT

**OPENING !!  SL HOME AND GARDEN FOR RFL - Feb 13th at Noon**
Wed, Feb 12 2020 7:19:41 PM PST

12pm SLT - Welcome to the SL  Home and Garden Expo - where our merchants will be donating their hard work  for ACS of SL.  Our performers will bring their creation to our stage

1pm SLT Baz (Avantgarde Frequency)

2pm SLT Jak (Jakbnimble)

3pmSLT Songbird Sorbet

4pmSLT  Lantern Release 

5pmSLT - Imperial Arts Dance Troupe will present Daydream

6pmSLT - FIREWORKS - with Crito Galthier , Henri DeCuir , Gem Sunkiller.

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