Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Announcement : RFL Bid Me and Raffle

Bid us Human or Keep us Tiny

From now until March 5th, Stormy's Stars RFL team is holding a big war.  Did you like us as Dinkies or do you want us as Humans?
Come to Cattitude and vote in the kiosks .  1L=1 Vote.
All Lindens got directly to RFL

"All during Home and Garden, you can bed. At the end, whichever team kiosk has the most will be the winner. For every 2,000 we will do one day."

Profile Picture Raffle

We have planned a raffle for 2 profile pictures to be taken by a good photographer, SoulCrack3r. The raffle tickets are only for 10L$. The amount raised will go for American Cancer Society. Winner will be declared on March 1st.

Will you be willing to participate?

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