Monday, February 24, 2020

Winners of Last Names Contest Announced

On the Lab Gab last Friday, February 21, there were a number of announcements, including Linden Lab looking to either sell Sansar or find a partner to help keep it going. Another subject discussed was last names. The details about the last names contest were announced by Keira Linden , the Product Manager of the Name Change Project.

"So I got to go through all of the lovely submissions everbody sent in," she told, "There were some awesomly creative names in there, a lot that we can use, some that we cannot." She stated there were over 2400 submissions, "So it took a while to gather all those names and if you can suggest up to three names per submission, that's a lot of names."

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"But I have managed to narrow it down to eight names." She then listed them in alphabetical order.


While the contest called for five names, "I had a really difficult time narrowing those down ... so I went over a little bit." These names will not be the only surnames available when the Lab starts giving the residents the option to change their names, but there will be more. The winners were notified via email, and will be getting a free name change when the process becomes available.

Keira stated she couldn't give a date yet on when residents will be able to have their account name changed, "It's such a huge project. It touches every deep dark dusty corner of Second Life, and we've had to get in there and explore how name changes is going to affect pretty much every aspect of Second Life. ... We want to make sure it goes out in good condition." She stated one reason one reason she couldn't give a date was because once the project gets turned over to the Q and A team, "they're going to find some stuff that we missed along the way. So I can't give you a solid date."

In November, Linden Lab had stated residents would be able to change names at the end of January. 

Hat tip: Inara Pey

Bixyl Shuftan


  1. co·nun·drum
    Learn to pronounce
    a confusing and difficult problem or question.

    I am really having issues with all but the Yeatley.

    Huntsman is part of a movie when I think of it,
    Dismantled sounds like something you tear down, not a last name, Wumpkins or Littlepaws I might expect to see on someone from Raglan Shire, Ravenhurst is too close to Ravenclaw...

    Please tell me they will go through another batch?

  2. why not allow people to make their own lat names - if you are making them pay for it it would be only fair - most of these are horrible in my eyes ...

  3. Really, do the Lindens think they are doing us a big favor having to be a premium member and then pay an addition $40 just to change Resident to Conundrum. Out of touch? Ya think?

  4. Of all the winning names, Ravenhurst is the one I like best. Wumpkins sounds like something out of the SIMS series of games ... the person dressed like a giant rabbit I believe. As for the price of changing your name, I think it's reasonable. A friend who plays IMVU says they charge around $34 on there for a name change. Name changing is optional ... if you want to do it go for it, if not then don't.