Sunday, February 23, 2020

LOLapalooza at Raglan Shire

 Saturday Feb 22 marked the first half of Raglan Shire's "LOLapalooza" music festival. The first performers up were Keeba Tammas and the Tiny Maniacs band, "Welcome to Raglan Shire and LOLapalooza to all our visitors!"

 I didn't see a tip jar, just a donation box for money to help keep the sims going. The band would play for an hour. Then the stage would see several other live musicians that day. The sim was packed, with over 70 avatars when I checked it out, tinies, furs, and normal humans. The tinies were the most interesting, "Tea been nipping into da WootJuice today." "Uh oh losted Animata.   Dat last chord was just too heavy." "Pancake Puffs....Pancake Puffs!" "PEACE LUV AND WAFFLES!!!  YEAH MAN! ITS SOOOO GROOOOVYYYY!!"

The schedule for today, Sunday February 23 is as follows:

12noon   Songbird
1pm    Seli Blackmore
2pm     Kris Composer
3pm    Johnny Bellows
4pm    bFlat Unplugged
5pm    TwinGhost Ronas
630     DJ Skye Tracer

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