Thursday, January 12, 2012

Have a Heart for Relay for Life

Both Crap Mariner and Dr. Fran Babcock got together to tell me last night about a unique product being made for the upcoming Relay for Life season, "AvaHeart" by Burke Benoir.

The store they showed me had a number of hearts up, each supposed to reflect something about the person. There was a heart of ice, a heart of melting butter (melts like butter), a heart with an anchor (a sailor's heart), etc.

Crap Mariner also pointed out a poem he had written:

So many moods we have, so many hearts,

I walk through the gallery, wondering which is yours.

A heart of glass, afraid to break?

A heart of stone, heavy and sad?

A heart of ice, cold and alone?

Or is it lifted upon wings, soaring onto the winds of love?

Singing for all to hear, to the tune of your soul?

Is it bright and shiny, leading the way through the dark?

Maybe all of them are.

I look at an empty spot on the shelf, and ask again,

Which is yours?

And I look inside your soul to see.

A notecard provided offered the following:

A different heart for every occasion and obsession, to express your deepest hopes and desires.

You can wear it in your chest...
You can pin it to your sleeve...
You can put it up on a shelf...
You can keep it under glass...

There are a wide variety of hearts available now, ranging from hearts of ice to hearts with picture frames to keep that special someone close wherever you go. Other artists are invited to try their hand at crafting hearts that express their hopes and dreams and fears, and they will be showcased and made available as the project continues.

Avaheart is at the Night Whispers sim at (214, 41, 3001). For more information, contact Burke Benoir of B&B Spiritual Supplies.

Bixyl Shuftan

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