Monday, January 23, 2012

Sunweaver Air to Change Hands

On 3PM SL time yesterday on Sunday January 23rd, The Sunweaver Estate's owner Rita Mariner called a meeting at the Cutlass Club to discuss a problem. There wasn't enough income coming in to cover the costs of the sim, and the one with the most unrented space was Sunweaver Air. She couldn't afford to hand onto it.

The good news, someone had stepped forward to take on the sim. "Shelly" Kit Repine would be taking charge of Sunweaver Air in a couple weeks. No one would have to move, and this includes the office of Second Life Newser, which sits on the land of Ranchan Weidman.

It was noted that the Sunweaver group was much larger than the current number of renters, "Please, if you're going to enjoy our club (Cutlass), consider renting out a spot to help keep the place going."

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