Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tiny Empires Back Up

It was something of a rough time in my home estate at Sunweaver, and presumably many others, as there are a number of players of the game "Tiny Empires" here, and for a few days the game was non-operational, the HUDs coming up empty when brought up. The local Queen gave the following message on January 10th, a day after the problems began:

The bad news is that there has apparently been a catastrophic failure of some kind in the Tiny Empires servers and they will have to be rebuilt ... The good news is that I managed to grab a good backup before the failure, so nothing in the Tiny Empires games will be lost. Your acres and gold are safe. ... it is looking like the game won't be running again until tomorrow. I am very sorry for the long delay. This is the worst downtime for TE in years.

Finally today, she gave a message in the game group to reattatch the HUDs. The game was working again, and all was well with the Tiny Empire players, once again looking forward to the next announcement of "Trader!"

*Update* Seems some players are still having difficulties, so perhaps it may be another day or so before it's truly fixed.

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