Friday, March 30, 2012

Easter at the Corner of Revolving Time

April 8 is not that far away and that is Easter Sunday in most cultures. It is time to plan your decorations for that day , for your home, your clubs, your sims. You can find some delightful free decor in the new Corner Estates sim at the Corner of Revolving Time. As usual Vickijo Rivera has it all in place to give you time to make your plans.

I went over to check out all the items that Sweetsister Silverstar and Saucy Loire have placed just for you. I took a ride on a sweet little carousels. The egg trees are great for outside decor on my roof at home. I picked up a lovely banner inside the building and saw some flowers and Easter baskets I really need to get. I had to take the cute cracked eggs dancing out of their shells immediately.

The Corner of Revolving Time is now in the Ophelia sim, which is the headquarters of the The Corner Estates where you can buy or rent land in numerous sims. You will see a contact board off in the distance. Take a walk over. Also fly over to the new Corner 7Seas Fishing area where hosts have contests daily. I love the new building that the Corner of Revolving time has. There is plenty of room for the decor for each holiday as it comes along. You will want to keep the landmark for future visits. Things are still developing there :

Gemma Cleanslate

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