Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Burn2 "Mini-Burn" Land Rush

You already know that there will be a “mini-burn” on the playa at Deep Hole beginning March 31 and ending April 1. There were two land rushes on Saturday at 8:00 AM SL time and 8 PM SL time to accommodate all time zones. It was fun seeing a land rush again! It has been a while since I witnessed one.

As the gates were opened, avid burners rushed down the dusty playa looking for open plots to rent at a very low price, 1L. It went well at both times and by the end of the second hour all plots were occupied. I was lucky enough to get a plot in the morning after most were gone. By then I did not feel guilty about grabbing it as I patrolled as ranger helping locate empty plots for frantic burners. I thought the builders would wait a bit but no! By the next morning there were at least tents or chairs on each plot.

By Sunday afternoon there were some amazing builds rising on the playa. It is such fun to see the empty dusty playa come alive with motion and color. I think we need more mini burns!! One builder I know who had no intention of coming arrived and in a few hours, I think she is already finished. Well, as you know builders are never finished.

There will be tinkering and fiddling with prims going on right up to the close of the mini burn! Hope to see you all on the playa soon! Parties being planned! And, remember it is April Fool’s Day weekend!

Gemma Cleanslate

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