Thursday, March 29, 2012

"Under the Willows" Macro-Room Club

Fans of the old "Greenies" sim during the classic days of Second Life would feel quite at home at "Under the Willows" in Tohono Island. This macro-room cabin gives visitors a mouse-sized perspective.

Any1 Gynoid told me about the place, which was designed as a club. People were dancing on the quilt bed when she was there, people clicking on a blue stuffed critter for single dances and a pink for couples.

There were other items in the room to make one feel rodent-sized, from the reading lamp next to the bees, to the fireplace, to the guitar, to the rocking chair. A dog holding a sign asked for donations, but people could also donate to one of the few normal-sized objects in the place: a Relay for Life kiosk.

Looking outside the club, one will see they're on a sky platform. Besides the club, there's a normal-sized garden area next to it, with a pond and trees.

"Under the Willows" is at Tohono Island (52, 156, 3506)

Bixyl Shuftan

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