Saturday, March 3, 2012

"Creator's Cafe" Opens in SpotOn3D Grid

10 Goosson, an old friend of Second Life Newser whom was a sponsor of JamesT Juno's SL Newspaper, invited me to the opening of the "Creator's Cafe" in the SpotOn3D Grid last week on February 25th. In recent months, she and her partner Marcthur Goosoon have set up shop in this alternative world to Second Life. Like other alternatives, it's population is tiny. But they see good potential in it's future.

It was my first trip to this Grid, so I spent a little time downloading the viewer, and getting the hang of things. The selection of starter avatars was a fair one. I missed my foxboy appearance, but at least I didn't look like a noob. Like in Second Life, sometimes the music and Voice player needed a double-click. But I managed to get to the cordinates 10 had sent me, to the London sim.

Getting there, there were close to a couple dozen people with 10 and Marcthur. Given the small size of this virtual world, they were possibly a few percent of those logged on at the moment. The people were a mix of ordinary residents, land owners, and content creators. Among the latter was one anthro bunny whom had started one of SpotOn's first furry avatar lines.

There was a bit of initial confusion as my Voice player wasn't working. But once that was taken care of, things went much more smoothly. I had arrived just in time for a building contest, which I went ahead and entered despite being outclassed. We were given the prims for a figure seated in a chair & desk. At least I managed to get the chair together before the winner was finished and the contest called.

After that was time for a dance party, with a DJ and lights on the floor, which most of us joined. We had a good time, and it was over an hour before it was time for us to go our separate ways.

The Creator's Cafe in SpotOn 3D is at London, (40, 50, 22). 10 and Marcthur's SpotOn 3D store is at DoubleMCreations (124, 128, 22).

Bixyl Shuftan


  1. owwwwwww wauwwww Thanks for sharing, being there, writing about it and for the dance!! it was a great launch party, group is really big already, we just tested the CloudBoost Service tonight that was not working well during the launch party. So every next party and event can hold up to more then a few hundred avatars!!!
    much Love Bixyl!

  2. Wow! THank you Bixyl! Great report! Please come back and check on our progress. We've got our resident furry avatar maker, working on a fox just for you :-D