Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Press Release: Relay For Life of SL Kick Off Celebration on March 10, 2012

The Relay For Life of SL Kick Off Celebration is on March 10, 2012. The sims are open from 8 AM-11 PM and events run throughout the day, including the Ceremony at 10 AM and a hunt from Noon-11 PM. The regions will come online by Thursday, so check with your team captain or the notices in the Relay For Life Volunteers group.

This year, the RFL of SL theme is a Time For A Cure. We can all say that and mean it and feel it, but the reason why it’s so appropriate is because science is finally catching up with the mysteries of what cancer is and why we have it. They understand so much of what happens when cells mutate and so we really can sense that in the future; we hope not too far in the future, that a cure for cancer really is possible.

As the veils of mystery of what causes cancer lift and the cry from cancer patients and their loved ones increases for the cure, so it is that we need to raise more money so that the American Cancer Society can increase funding to doctors, scientists and researchers to help them to help us.

Raising funds, raising awareness and supporting one another is something we do really well on Second Life. We can and do make a difference. Relay For Life of Second life raised over $375,000 last year and in total since RFL of SL started in 2004 we have raised an amazing $1.2 million dollars.

We meet this year for our Kick Off celebration to come together at the beginning of the 2012 fundraising campaigns and to celebrate what we’ve already done and to renew our pledge to raise even more money to fight against cancer.

While we work at raising funds over the next 4 months, one thing we also do really well on Second Life is have fun!

Every year we try to make the Kick Off celebration something special and this year is no exception. We hope that you really do enjoy the day and the environment that we have created for you. This year we are offering all of the teams the chance to kick off their fundraising campaigns by having a booth for 24 hours. Whether you have one item you want to introduce to everyone and start to sell or if you just want to proudly announce your team to the world, please let us know and grab a token from APinkSwan or Pippa Rexen.

The Kick Off is just the beginning of a series of events to raise money for cancer research in 2012, including:

March 10-22, 2012 -- Fashion for Life
March 31-April 1, 2012 -- Mardi Gras & Street Faire (Teams R Us Event)
May 4-5, 2012 -- May Day Celebration (Teams R Us Event)
May 12-13, 2012 -- Halfway There Fair
May 12-20, 2012 -- Paint SL Purple
May 19-28, 2012 -- Home & Garden Expo (includes Teams R Us @ the Expo)
June 3, 2012 -- National Cancer Survivors Day
June 22-24, 2012 -- Back to the 50s Weekend (Teams R US)
July 14-15, 2012 -- RELAY WEEKEND!

Some of you will be new to RFL of SL, some of you will have done this many times before and some of you will have decided to form your own team this year to do your fundraising. Second Life is a huge international community and we have so many nationalities here with us in the RFL community. So, wherever you come from and whatever your past experience is with RFL, we welcome you and are here to support you because we are one large team of Relay For Life in Second Life.

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