Thursday, March 22, 2012

New "Direct Delivery" Linden Bear

When logging in, the link that appeared on my screen was about getting a Linden bear on Marketplace. Curious, the Linden bears popular as they are (even if the Lindens aren't), I look a look, and came across this page on the official offworld Second Life store.

Get this free limited-edition Linden Bear in celebration of the new, more efficient way to receive purchases from the Marketplace — not BOXED! The bear will be delivered to a new Received Items folder. Grab your free bear, find it in your Received Items folder, and get a notecard telling you more about the changes to the Marketplace.

For more information, see the updated Knowledge Base article on shopping in the Marketplace:

And getting the bear and rezzing it, he appeared as in the picture, roasting marshmallows over older X-Street delivery boxes (the more recent ones were pictures of the product).

So if you want to add to your collection of Linden bears, Click Here (be inworld to get it).

Bixyl Shuftan

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